Fast Track French for Beginners
We want to help you speak French with confidence!
"We are also here to make you love learning & speaking French!"
Choose a time and day you are relaxed at home and we will always be with you at the agreed time!
Be confortable at home. Have a nice cup of tea or coffee, switch your computer on, go on skype and wait for our call!
Our programmes are designed for you to be able to speak the language as fast as possible. If you follow it step to step, we promise you will make great progress faster!
Who are we ?
"We are here to make you love learning & speaking French!"

We are experienced native teachers of French, motivating, encouraging to build your confidence and help you reach your personal goals. Most importantly, we love what we do!
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How do we teach ?

"We teach the way we are!"

Our classes are fun and very organised. We like to work with authentic documents such as videos or written articles, mobile apps but we also love books. We all speak english, but of course as your aim is to speak french, we will start speaking French right at the start. But do not worry! It will be little by little and after a few weeks, the class will be entirely conducted in French. We teach you REAL French as it is spoken in France. We will introduce you to basic grammar as we believe that it is important to understand how the language works. We won't overwhelm you with unnecessary information as our primary aim is to make you understand and communicate in French.
We love our students!
And our students love us!
Learning French with Françoise has been fantastic. She is energetic, highly experienced, great fun and innovative. I can honestly say that I've learnt more French with her than I have by any other method.
After trying both group French classes and self-learning, both of which have their benefits, I discovered that one-to-one lessons are the faster way to learn the language. They mean I get 100% attention from a native French speaker. What better way to learn! Françoise focuses entirely on me and adapts her lesson to fit my exact needs. Whilst she loosely follows a form of curriculum (for my own benefit) she doesn't stick to it rigidly. For example if I get stuck on something, she comes up with various fun exercises to help me nail it. And if I sail through another area, she congratulates me before moving quickly on to the next topic. Her goal is to get me speaking and understanding French as quickly as possible – another reason why one-to-one lessons are the best.
I'm now in a position where I can speak French to French people without feeling embarrassed or nervous. Of course I have a long way to go, but I can see amazing progress over the time Françoise has been teaching me, and I actually get excited about the next lesson.

Sarah Begley, UK.
I took French lessons through Skype with Fast Track French for about one year. It works great and even my French friends are surprised to see how much progress I have made in one year. My teacher was full of energy and very passionate for teaching. Furthermore, I could just relax at home with a glass of wine to learn and speak Parisian accent French! It is a very pleasant and fun experience to learn French from her and is highly recommended!

Emily, Portland, Oregon
Françoise's knowledge of the French language and grammar rules is truly impressive – not only does she know context behind every rule she teaches, she can explain the same idea in five different ways (if you're like me and you didn't understand the first four times, she will always be able to come up with another creative way of explaining it). She truly has the patience of a Saint - no matter how many times she had to repeat a lesson with me, there was always a smile on her face and a positive word of encouragement.
Sadie Litchfield, Canada
I started "trying" to learn French about 3 and 1/2 years ago when my French husband and I started dating. He's French and has two children (one of whom only speaks French). I had always been afraid of taking courses via Skype as I thought there might be a disconnect not being face to face in the same room. I finally decided to try it since it seemed easier with my work schedule and because I spent half my time in the US and half in France. I, fortunately, found Françoise and Fast Track French. I am beyond pleased with the progress I've made and my husband too! I love the format as we speak face to face real time but she can also type what we are saying so I can see the words as well as hear them. Since it's on the computer it doesn't matter where I am in the world. Françoise has made a huge difference for me as I now feel a part of the conversations when I'm in France. If you want to learn French, both proper and true conversational French, Françoise est la meilleure (the best)!.
Kelly K, Houston, Texas
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Online French Beginner Programme
25 hours

Commit yourself learning French for at least 3 hours each week & we promise you'll make progress faster

  • 3 hours per week
  • 3 audios
  • Unlimited Quiz
  • Learning Material ( Pdfs...)
  • Homework given & corrected in class
  • 1 pronunciation student eBook + audios
  • 1 exercise book that you will have to buy before the class
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Online French Intensive Class: 10 hours/week

Learn French Faster by being immersed online with your private native French teacher
  • 10 hours/week
  • 10 audios/ week
  • Unlimited Quiz
  • Learning Material given ( Pdfs...)
  • Homework given & corrected in class
  • 2 prononciation ebooks + audio
  • Unlimited communication on WhatsApp with one teacher
  • 1 exercise book that you will have to buy before the class
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Online French + French in France

Learn French online and then come to France to perfect your skills ( and your tan...) with us on the beach in Biarritz !

  • 3 hours per week OR 10 hours per week
  • 3 audios Or 10 audios
  • Unlimited Quiz
  • Learning Material given
  • Homework given & corrected in class
  • 2 prononciation eBooks + Audios
  • 1 travel eBook

In France

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