A total French Immersion in a friendly and warm environment

Learn to speak French while having fun. Combine a standard French course with activities of your choice. In the afternoon, you'll be able to put your French into practice through cultural and sports activities. Thanks to our teachers who will be with you all day long, speaking French will become very natural!
Choose Your Unforgettable Linguistic Experience!
Do you want to study French in a beautiful seaside town where life is pretty good? Do you want to participate in a language immersion programme in France?
Just another way to learn French!
Combine your passion for surfing, French culture & gastronomy with your love for the French language!
Why choose Atlantique Language Courses?
Once upon a time, there was a school that looked a bit like us...
Experienced native teachers qualified "Master FLE" who teach you French in the morning in the classroom and accompany you in the afternoon in fun activities.
Intensive practice of French in everyday life situations ! Become the actor of your learning! Live it with us!
Total immersion in the regional culture. Put yourself in the shoes of a local and speak!
Best price guaranteed. Promised, you will not find any courses cheaper for as much practice of the French language.
Biarritz is the best place to learn French and a great place to spend some quality time!
Relaxed atmosphere & more confidence to speak French because we will take good care of you!
Our teachers
Questions fréquentes
How can I book a course with you?
Contact us to find out if there are still places for the course you want to take. If your course is available, we will send you a registration form, the link to our French test and instructions for the payment of the deposit (50 EUR).

8 weeks before the course, you will receive:

- a list of practical information
- an invoice showing the balance to be paid (50% to be paid at least 2 weeks before the course)

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information concerning our programs, accommodation, transport, individual services, ... in order to prepare your stay as well as possible.

What kind of accommodation do you offer?

We take care of the organization of your stay before your arrival in France but the payment is made directly to the host family or to the hotel the first day of your arrival in France.

Stay in a host family

One of the fastest ways to improve your communication skills in French. You will live the daily life of a French family but most importantly, you will share unique moments with amazing people!

Arrivals are on Sunday at 7pm ( at the latest) & departures on Saturday before noon.

Families will meet you at the train station, at the airport, or at a bus stop. Families live in or around Biarritz .

Rates 1 bed + half board (Breakfast & dinner) = 30 euros / night
1 bed + full board (breakfast - lunch - dinner) = 34 euros / night

Stay in a hotel or Airbnb

We can help you find a hotel or an apartment but you will have to pay directly to the hotel or apartment ( Airbnb etc..)
I have studied French a long time ago . I don't remember much of it. Can I still register ?
If you are able to express yourself, even in a simple way and if you know the conjugation of the most common verbs, we guarantee you rapid progress thanks to the total immersion that we propose. You can take a skype French lesson with our teacher before your arrival to review and practice your French.
If you are a beginner and you read this, do not worry, we also have a programme for you and we'll be happy to see you in biarritz and share great moments with us.
Is it possible to learn a language in 20 hours?
We offer 20 hours of French CLASS and if you also choose sports or cultural activities, you'll have between 15 and 25 hours of practice of the language on top of the 20 hours in class . Learning in total immersion will help you acquire automatisms that you can not really have without being completely immersed in the French culture and language.
20 hours is of course not enough to speak a language fluently, but what is certain is that it will help you to gain confidence, to speak more spontaneously and to pronounce better. And the bonus in all of this is that you'll have an unforgettable French experience!
Where is Biarritz?
Biarritz is a city on the atlantic coast in the French Basque Country in southwestern France. It is located 35 kilometres (22 mi) from the border with Spain.

Famous for its beaches, thalassotherapy and surf culture, Biarritz is a city with a unique atmosphere, in which chic restaurants and spas live in harmony with the laid-back spirit of surf shops and pizzerias.

Biarritz is characterized by a relatively mixed atmosphere, in the good sense of the word. The city contains mainly remarkable homes that serve as second homes for the wealthy. This upscale side of Biarritz is perfectly balanced with the more relaxed side of the surf culture, which settled there many years ago. It is this amazing contrast that has shaped the unique identity of the city ...

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